Cold Calling Step 4: Getting Your Voice

Having prepared your script does not mean that your presentation is in any way refined nor that you are ready to begin the cold calling campaign.

There is a reasonable (some would say, likely) chance that the script that you have prepared is somewhat off target. To get closer to the mark, you will need to expose the script to the target market and get  valuable feedback so you may refine your presentation.

This means making some initial calls to test the script and discover your “voice.”

When a script has been completed, there may be as many as five or six bullets in the vista section. More than likely, the prospect will not listen as you rattle off a checklist of benefits. But testing what you feel to be the best two or three key selling points will allow you to discover if what you are saying resonates with the prospect.

If you are not garnering interest, you’ll hear comments that open up other possibilities. Sometimes, the prospect will share what is truly valuable to them. The key though is to approach these conversations with an eye towards discovery. This is an evolutionary process and the intention at this juncture is to learn.

Since your “voice” is not yet polished, it is always a good idea to start testing your script with the fringes of the target market.

I like to call prospects that have just enough size and interest to make the target list but aren’t within the center of the targeted group. This allows me to educate myself with a prospect that is not a likely purchaser but still has insight from which knowledge may be gained. And if the call is not successful, the probability that I have lost an important prospect is low since the prospect was not a primary candidate.

You will also learn about another key area and that is the common objections section. At this stage, it is appropriate to be rejected. Listen carefully to these objections, as it will allow you to prepare responses for them so that when you hear them again, you are prepared with a way to address them.

And of course, with practice, you will gain familiarity with your script. This will allow you to present naturally and conversationally and thus convey with confidence the value of your product or service.

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